Monday, 21 February 2011

A little bit more

Goldfinches at the feeder

I really must get a better camera! The one I have doesn't like to zoom in and picture quality goes.
Here is another picture, my little helper...

Plant pots are fair game!!

You can see in this picture how bad the lawn is. Getting a puppy is never good for lawns!!! Flynt has nuclear wee I think as it completely killed of large sections of my lovely green pasture. We are going to change the bottom section (seen here) into a vegetable area with two long raised beds and bark chippings forming paths between them.

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  1. So this year I have four little helpers out in the back yard... So far no damage done ;-) just a bit of chewing old bits of wood - forbidden to take back in onto the rug in the living room!!! no snails partly chewing up in their either!
    Flynt just thinks it is HIS garden and you are keeping it nice for him - he just has to adjust it to his likings!