Monday, 21 February 2011

A little bit more

Goldfinches at the feeder

I really must get a better camera! The one I have doesn't like to zoom in and picture quality goes.
Here is another picture, my little helper...

Plant pots are fair game!!

You can see in this picture how bad the lawn is. Getting a puppy is never good for lawns!!! Flynt has nuclear wee I think as it completely killed of large sections of my lovely green pasture. We are going to change the bottom section (seen here) into a vegetable area with two long raised beds and bark chippings forming paths between them.

A bit of a change around

Today I have decided to give this blog a change around as I want to keep this front page for current news and stuff. You will find I have changed the page at the top to 'Garden History', this will be just to show how we have transformed the garden into where it is until this years' change around.

I'm not feeling to good today , and my back is hurting too much to do anything more than sit and do some to my blogs and then onto to doing some more to one of my model trucks

Saturday was good, as we went to the market in Lymington and bought some new plants back.

The new plants awaiting planting
Th e purchase was for two Birch hedging trees, a climbing Hydrangea of unknown type, a Phlox(Subulata Emerald Cushion), Aquilegia Vulgaris (Black Barlow) and two pots of Crocus (cream beauty), all for the cracking price of just £9!!!

A close up of those wonderful Crocus flowers. These all have double stems coming from each bulb. I thought two pounds for these wasa bit of a bargain. I have planted on pot out on the 'Cody Bed' so that they mingle with the deep purple ones already there.

I also did some seed planting too. I may have done these a week or so too early but it is very mild here so I thought it would be okay. If it does get a bit colder then i have plenty of space on the window ledges for them. The seeds I have sown are Ipomoea (Morning Glory - Inkspots), Consolida Ambigua (Larkspur) and Matthiola Longipetala which sounds a bit made up to me!! those are Night Scented Stock, Starlight Sensation.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My First Post!!

I have been thinking of starting a blog for some time, but never got round to it as they say, so here is the start of what I hope will be a fun blog for people to read. The blog will primarily be about my garden, it's history and how it has been transformed into something that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

There will be other pages which will be about other interests I have such as Model Making and the conversion of a common van into a lovely little home on wheels.

There will be bits about me too and about my home in the New Forest as well as surrounding areas.

I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I will enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiances with you.