Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hands On!! ( or Off)

Now i do love to feel the soil between my fingers, it really gives me that connection to the earth, but sometimes you just have to let mother nature take her own course. I have left my garden to its own devices over the past few weeks while I have been partaking in another passion of mine, my campervan. I have been building some more furniture for the interior so the garden has taken a bit of a back seat.

Not that I have totally neglected it, I have been watering a lot due to the very warm and dry weather we have been having for a long time.Today is the first real rain we have had since back in march sometime. Last week I followed a tip given to me by my sister and just laid the hose in the flower beds and left it running slowly to try and build up the water table.

So today's blog entry is to show you how things have changed in the garden since last time... so I am just going to add some pictures.
Taken this morning.
I love my Columbines. I have no idea what avriety this is but the flowers are huge!!
Poppy 'Royal Wedding'
My work on the campervan is almost finished so I will be back to some gardening soon. I wan to concentrate on the front and side gardens for a while as they are not looking as good as I want them too.


  1. Your backyard looks great! Love how green it is. Am looking forward for more pictures :-)
    Oh - and we have the yellow doggie-p.. spots now in our lawn, we are just considering filling a little spot with pebbels and design as a doggie-toilet...

  2. nice job keith, looking tidy.